“I think a person needs to learn from childhood to find himself alone. It means to not be bored when you’re by yourself, because a person who finds himself bored when alone – as it seems to me – is in danger.” 

Welcome to Lone Dimension, a blog were I record my RPG Solo sessions!

I have always been a nerdy girl all of my life so, of course, I’ve always been curious about RPGs. I meet every now and then with a group to play some good ol’ pen and paper tabletop RPGs but sometimes I just want to play when I can’t with my group. 

Joining an online group in Discord and Roll20 is not really an option for me because of two reasons: my internet connection is not that good and I don’t really have that much free time to commit for a 3-6 hours online session, anyway. 


By chance, while browsing the web for something completely unrelated, I discovered Solo Roleplaying and realized that was what I needed!

But it’s not just about playing, Solo Roleplaying allows me to explore the characters’ stories much more than my roleplaying groups usually allow so every session is usually very narrative-driven. If you are not interested in the roleplaying mechanics, maybe you’ll be interested in reading a story? 

Latest Entries

  • Metempsychosis
    Hello again! Wow, two entries in a single day! Aside from checking r/Solo_Roleplaying and DrivethruRPG for new Solo games and ideas, I also follow a tag on it.chio for solo PnP RPGs. That is how I found about Metempsychosis: Abyss of Horrors a while ago and was eager to try it! However, this is not …

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  • The Lonely Giant
    The Lonely Giant is a Solo Journaling Roleplaying Game by Nick Wedig. It’s about roleplaying as the last Giant on Earth and that sounds awesome. I found this game while looking for more one-page solo games after I had such a nice experience playing Dog, the RPG. However, since this one is a Journaling game, …

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  • Dog the RPG SOLO
    Let’s preface this by stating the obvious: I love dogs. I grew up with a lovely German Sheperd/Spanish Mastiff mix and I felt like something was missing from my life when she was gone. Years later, when I graduated from my B.Eng. my parents decided it was the time to get another dog and now …

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  • Game Master’s Apprentice Cards
    As I mentioned in this entry from a couple of days ago announcing my return, I have printed the Game Master Apprentice Cards! I told a friend that I was trying to print some gaming cards and he took my to a fantastic print shop here in the city where we live. We chose some …

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  • Curse of Strahd Solo – DnD 5E – Part 28
    Holy crap! It’s almost been an entire year?? I need to pick up the pace! Like I mentioned in part 27, I will not do every part in the module but at least I would love to let the story have a conclusion! So, let’s recap. Zephan gained a new ally in the last session: …

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