Hello again! Wow, two entries in a single day!

Aside from checking r/Solo_Roleplaying and DrivethruRPG for new Solo games and ideas, I also follow a tag on it.chio for solo PnP RPGs.

That is how I found about Metempsychosis: Abyss of Horrors a while ago and was eager to try it!

However, this is not a Solo RPG! It’s actually a Solo Card Game! When I went to get the GMA base and Horror decks printed, I also printed it!

This is the premise of the game (you can read it in the product page in it.chio):

Mystics tell us that in the very principle of everything, the absolute Bliss lingers, from which all the forms of life rise as generous gifts full of Good and Beatitude. But what if the mystics are wrong?

What if the absolute being, that ur-consciousness at the root of every creation, is in itself an unbearable void and darkness, a miserable abyss that has to vomit creations to amuse itself at least a little, to give some, even if pathetic ones, distinct borders to infinity and eternity, unbearable in their utter vastness?

You are a soul born from such an abyss, capturing all forms of being in a desperate try to reach the higher steps of the existence ladder, hoping for some redemption once. You will have to go through the sequence of nightmarish incarnations, endure various evils of different states of being before you can catch some stable point where you could live far from the darkness of the abyss and its tentacles full of pain and despair. 

In this game, you represent a soul trying to break free from the cycle of nightmarish incarnations by enduring the right sequence of them, building an octave from cosmic tones, and getting to the higher, more peaceful level of being.

This is how the game ended;

Ending look of my session

I actually had gotten not just the base game, but also its two free expansions. This made the game a bit easier and I think without those I would have died this first time playing. If I didn’t have the card that allows you to discard all Keepers from my hand, this last Keeper could have been the end of me as I was at 2 willpower and as you can see in the picture, he takes from you 9 willpowerif youplay his card.

The saving grace!

I could have also discarded the keeper with a move called «Dive into the Abyss» but since I had that card it was not necessary.

Interestingly enough, it took me longer to read the rules than play the actual game itself as a game of Metempsychosis takes around 10 to 30 minutes. It probably took me a bit longer than 20 mins because I had to check the rules over and over again. Probably the next time I play it won’t take as long!

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